Joanna Janik

Joanna Janik, assistant professor at the Institute of Classical Philology of the Jagiellonian University, classical philologist, Hellenist, deals with the development of ethical concepts in Greek archaic epic and Greek prose, mainly of the classical period. One of the main research topics of J. Janik is the work of Isocrates in the context of the development of rhetoric and political concepts of the 4th century BC.

J. Janik is the author of the translation of the monograph by J. N. Adams, “The Latin Sexual Vocabulary” along with examples from Greek and Latin literature contained in it in the original versions (not translated by the author). The study was published in 2013 under the Polish title “Latin Sexualisms”. As part of the project led by prof. Sylwester Dworacki translated the 15th book of “Library” by Diodorus Siciliski.


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