Conference Schedule

Reading the Reader. The Stobaios Conference

Jagiellonian University, Kraków, 12-13.05 2023
The event will be live-streamed. To join click here.

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12 May (Friday) Venue: room nr 0.3, ground floor, Collegium Paderevianum, al. Mickiewicza 11

9.00-9.30: Registration

9.30-11.00: Opening session, welcome address of the Dean of the Faculty of Philology, prof. Władysław Witalisz.

Chair: Krystyna Bartol (Adam Mickiewicz University).

Key-note lecture: Christopher Moore (Penn State Univ.): From Hippias of Elis to John of Stobi [Download handout]

11.00-11.15: Coffee break

11.15-13.30: Session 1 (chair: Joanna Janik)

11.15-11.45Eugenia Piazza (University of Bologna), Principles and Constants in Stobaios’ Quotations from the Florilegium

11.45-12.15Aleksandra Klęczar (Jagiellonian University): Stobaeus the Educator: Authorial Excerpt Collections and Late Ancient Paideia

12.15-12.45Salvatore Tufano (Sapienza University Rome), Reading Herodotus and Thucydides in the Fifth Century: the Anthologium and the Ethnika [Download presentation]

12.45-13.30: Discussion

13.30-15.00: Lunch break

15.00-16.30: Session 2

Historical Context Round Table (chair: Sławomir Sprawski):

16.30-17.00 Coffee break

17.00-19.30: Session 3

17.00-17.30Isabelle Chouinard (Yale University), A Version of Stobaeus’ Excerpt of Stoic Ethics in the Lucian Scholia (online) [Download handout]

17.30-18.00Mateusz Kula (Jagiellonian University): Between Monotheism and Henotheism. Stobaios in the Context of Intellectual History of Late Antiquity

18.00-18.30Michał Bizoń (Jagiellonian University): Of God and Gods. The Theology of John of Stobi

18.30-19.15: Discussion

13 May (Saturday):

Venue: room nr 56, 2nd floor, Collegium Novum, ul. Gołębia 24

9.00-11.15: Session 4

9.00-9.30Hendrik Müller (Hochschule Fresenius Online Plus GMBH), Conrad Gesner as a Reader of Stobaios and Aelian (online)

9.30-10.00Alice Montalto (University of Pisa / University of Siena), Stobaios’ Anthologion and the First Byzantine Humanism: a Possible Comparison from a Neoplatonic Perspective [Download handout]

10.00-10.30Michał Bzinkowski (Jagiellonian University): The Peculiarities of Intralingual Translation of Stobaios’ Excerpts from Ancient to Modern Greek

10.30-11.15: Discussion

11.15-11.45: Coffee break

11.45-13.15: Session 5

11.45-12.15Alba Boscà Cuquerella (University of Bristol / University of Salamanca), The Euripidean Gnomic Tradition in Stobaios and Gnomologia in Papyri

12.15-12.45Virginia Mastellari (Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg), Beyond a Joke: Stobaeus as a Source of Comedy

12.45-13.15: Discussion

13.15-14.45: Lunch break

14.45- 17.30: Session 6

14.45-15.15Joanna Janik (Jagiellonian University): Stobaeus on Political Systems: Content and Structure of the Chapter IV.1

15.15-15.45Jakub Kuciak (Jagiellonian University): Πατρίς in Stobaios’ Florilegium – Preliminary Remarks

15.45-16.15Antoni Czachor (Jagiellonian University): „One Should Stay at Home and Stay Free” – Military Service in the Eyes of Stobaeus”

16.15-17.00: Discussion

17.00-17.30: Coffee break

17.30-19.00: Closing Session (chair: Krzysztof Bielawski)

17.30-18.00Anna Izabela Kosmowska (Jagiellonian University): «Τὰ κάλλιστα» According to Stobaeus

18.00-18.30Krzysztof Bielawski (Jagiellonian University): Heritage of Confusion. Stobaios in Print and Scholarly Transmission