Anna Kosmowska

Anna Izabela Kosmowska (born May 15, 1999 in Bydgoszcz)

Student of the Jagiellonian University


• 2018-2021: Jagiellonian University, first-cycle studies, history. Bachelor thesis:Stone of Testimony to the innocence of the great senator in the Polish Crown” of Vespasian Kochowski as a means of political agitation in the face of the upcoming election in the Polish–Lithuanian Commonwealth in the 60s 17th century.

• 2018-2021: Jagiellonian University, first-cycle studies, classical philology. Bachelor thesis: „The Sack of Troy” of Tryphiodorus – translation and interpretation.

• From 2021: Jagiellonian University, second-cycle studies, history.

• From 2021: Jagiellonian University, second-cycle studies, classical philology.

Research interests:

sarmatism, Greek lyric, Hellenistic epic, reception of antiquity in Polish poetry